Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fences

Colorbond fencing is one of the most common types of fencing that we install, particularly Good Neighbour and Post and Rail.

Good Neighbour Fences

Easily our most popular, Good Neighbour fences have the same great finish on both sides of the fence ensuring both neighbours get the ‘good side’. This is achieved by installing steel sheets into a profiled top and bottom rail or track which is fixed between posts at each end of a panel (thus it is sometimes referred to as ‘Panel Fencing’). Our Good Neighbour Fences are strong, durable and cost effective.

Some of the more common profiles of Good Neighbour fencing include:

Trimdeck (depending on the supplier this can be referred to as Superdek, TL-5, Neetascreen etc.)

Post and Rail Fences

A strong sturdy traditional kind of fence, post and rail is made up of Colorbond steel secured by rust proof galvanised posts and rails. While not as popular as Good neighbour fences, the cost of Installation is the same. All post a rail fences are backed with the 10 year Colorbond manufacturers warranty and the Realfence Industry 5 year workmanship guarantee .

Wide range of designer colours

To view the range of fencing colours that Colorbond offer please click here

*Please note that only colours displayed under the fencing range can be used for your fence.

Customisable Heights

Whilst the most common fence heights used are 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m and 2.1m Realfence Industries would be happy to provide you with a fence of any height.

Realfence Industries uses and recommends genuine Colorbond materials for our fences, to find out more about the great features and benefits please visit the Colorbond website by clicking here.

Realfence Industries 5 Year Guarantee

A Colorbond fence installed by Realfence Industries is further backed by a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship performed giving you peace of mind.


Tubular Fencing

Tubular – Pool Fencing, Garden Fencing, Estate Perimeters, etc

Tubular fencing is a strong, premium quality fence ideal for residential, commercial or industrial applications. Whether it’s an Estate Perimeter, a School ground or a Swimming Pool, Real Fence Industries have the experience and expertise to out perform your expectations.

With a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, a Real Fence Industries Tubular fence is made from Australian Steel which is acid washed and powder coated to ensure an attractive, durable finish which wont rust or fade.

All Real Fence Industries Fences are erected using the finest quality materials and workmanship. From ‘whatever’ concrete for extra strength to fence posts that are secured in wider and deeper holes that exceed the industry standards, Real Fence industries go above and beyond to ensure an outstanding finish backed by our 5 year workmanship Guarantee.

Check out our range of Tubular Fence styles including a variety of distinctive post capitals.


Security Fencing

Real Fence Industries security fencing is very popular in Industrial, commercial and high-density areas. Real Fence supplies a wide range of security fencing including:

Powder-coated tubular fencing

Chain mesh fencing

Barb wire, razor wire and tiger tape installation

Heavy duty sliding gates with automation if required

Call our specialists to discuss your security needs and receive a free measure and quote.


Real Fence Feature Panels

Feature Fences

Feature fences are specifically designed to make a statement and enhance the value of your property by giving your house a point of difference.

Mixtures of colours and types of materials can be creatively combined to make a great statement and also to add value to your home.

Each of our feature fences are custom designed to satisfy your unique requirements. We can build any design for your property, the possibilities are endless.

Aluminium Spear and Picket Top

Spear and Picket fences have a well known history with Australian fencing. Traditional timber pickets were slowly being replaced by steel pickets and now modern pickets are manufactured in Aluminium.

This product is perfectly suited to traditional Australian heritage, weatherboard or country style homes and make a great feature fence.There are many different styles of Spear and Picket fences. Please ask us for more information.


Hardwood Slat Fence

Hardwood Slat Fencing and Gates can transform the look of your home while providing high levels of privacy and security for relatively little cost compared to other alternatives. Slat screen panels are ideal for both internal and external uses. They can be ‘self standing’ or fixed to pergolas, retaining walls or other structures.

Horizontal Slat Fencing and Screens are most commonly built from timber battens mounted on galvanised steel posts. Various types of timbers are suitable including treated pine, merbau, western red cedar and other select hardwoods. Screens can be painted, stained or oiled.

Slat Fences and Gates can be lined on one side (most commonly used) or both sides if the same finish is desired on both sides. Horizontal slats can be spaced close together for privacy and security or wide apart for light. The gap between each timber slat is also something that the customer can manipulate depending on the level or privacy they are wanting to achieve

Although, Horizontal Slats are not recommended as child safe unless the spacing is less than 10mm.

The standard slat widths are 90mmx19mm thick or 70mm x 16mm or so thick, both approximate and slight variances occur between products/suppliers.


Timber lap and cap fences

Treated pine lap and cap fences have two layers of palings over lapping each other, and a piece of fence capping on top of the fence for an elegant finish. Lap and cap fences provide the perfect boundary fence with no gaps or cracks. The double layer of palings is also an excellent sound barrier, reducing either traffic or neighbour noise.

A Real Fence lap and cap solution provides a more attractive appearance and also increased visual privacy. The palings are installed onto the frame leaving a gap of 50mm between palings (this gap will vary depending on the paling width – ensure a lap of 25mm minimum). The lapped palings are then installed centrally over these gaps, overlapping the first run of palings. This design ensures visual privacy is maintained even where the palings shrink marginally. The capping will enhance the life expectancy of the fence by protecting the end grain of the palings.

By using treated pine your Real Fence lap and cap solution is Guaranteed to remain termite free and weather resistant well beyond the 5 year Real Fence Guarantee with many lap and cap fences lasting 20 years and beyond.